Jezebeth The Classic TV Series

The Jezebeth vampire cable series pilot, stars Heather Beeman as Jezebeth, co-starring Madeline Maser as Lenora, and introducing the 9 year old vampire Abigail. Directed, produced and written by Damien Dante and co-produced by Jeffrey A Swanson. International Distribution by
SGL Entertainment.

Meet The Cast:

Heather Beeman as Jezebeth


Madeline Maser as Lenora

Drake Mefestta as Jonah

Gwendolyn Graves as Cyanide

Lady India as Valentina

Frank Warpeha as Carl Trulane

Ian Serrano as Ian Jennings

Jeff Swan as Roy Stoner

Iris Sylph Bernadette

Lena as Alexia


Benjamin Emmett as the chauffeur

Benjamin Emmett as the chauffeur

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