Blind Dead: Resurrection


Blind Dead Resurrection

DIRECTED BY: Massimiliano Cerchi
SCREENPLAY BY: Anthony Werley

In 1808 a group of renegade monks, lead by Brother Sandar (Wassim Hawat) was offering virgins to be sacrificed to Satan to gain immortality and knowledge of the beyond. The entire village found out about this vile act and decided to take care of this by burning them alive. The monks died but they sent a curse before doing so. Every 20 years they will resurrect and demand a sacrifice or the entire village will suffer the consequence.

Present day: A doctor (Vincent Rivera) and his pregnant wife (April Bogenschutz Omohundro) rent a beautiful mansion to spend their holiday there. The entire village along with the Mayor (Terry G. Reed) and it’s Sheriff (Carlo Mendez) do not want them around since they are worried that they will be a nuisance. But when the virgin selected to be sacrificed runs away (Haley Jay Madison) and asks for the good doctor’s help, they will soon realize that their dream holiday is now turned into a nightmarish Hell…




CONQUEST is an American heavy metal / thrash band from St. Louis, Missouri, formed in 1988 by singer Derrick Brumley.

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Diamond Rexx

DIAMOND REXX is an American heavy metal / glam metal band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in 1985 by singer Nasti Habits and guitarist Scott St. Lust.

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