Jezebeth VOD TV Series


SYNOPSIS: In the sleepy town of Carthage Iowa, a Mansion, cold and bleak, stands guard. Within its walls, the Mistress of the Great House, the schizophrenic Jezebeth Wyck, spends her days ghosting its many rooms. Adding to Jezebeth’s despair, is her youngest sister, Lenora, a devout Catholic, who torments Jezebeth at every step. Jezebeth is under the care of Psychiatrist Dr. Julia Stone, who hires a Governess to home school Jezebeth’s telekinetic daughter Abigail. And that 12 year old telekinetic girl, stumbles upon a terrifying mystery hidden away for over 50 years in the attic.

Jezebeth VOD TV Series is a Dark Drama featuring Schizophrenia, Demon Possession, a Telekinetic Girl, a Grim Mansion, a Governess, an Exorcist and Much More. Written and Directed by Damien Dante starring DaVena Sulevan as Jezebeth, Abigail Van Blarcom as Abigail, Nikki Smallwood as Lenora. And, Co Starring Hollywood Horror Actress Debra Lamb as the Psychiatrist

Executive Producers: Ray Van Blarcom, Jeffrey A Swanson, Matt Moody, Todd Rodgers and Damien Dante. To be edited by Todd Rodgers. Jezebeth Theme Song by Grigori 3

To be Available Worldwide on Amazon Prime through Mental Case Pictures and SGL Entertainment