Soul Copyright

Release Date: 06/11/19

A passionate story about two people each having their own hidden agenda.

SYNOPSIS: Colin Zsigmond is a middle-aged novelist suddenly turned wealthy and famous after decades of hardship and poverty. One evening during a literary lecture, the recently divorced man meets Phoebe Lee, an exotic woman with whom he starts a steamy romance. At first, it seems he has found himself the perfect muse. Phoebe is young, ravishing, madly in love, and an English major student to top it off. But slowly her mysterious behavior starts to trouble him. Something isn’t quite right, as she appears to be leading a secret life. When Colin starts to investigate, it turns out his past is coming back to haunt and terrorize him in a rather unexpected way.

Written by Frank Messely and Produced by James Desert

Crew: Frank Messely, Johan Vandewoestijne,
Sylveer Declerck, Norbert Brandt, Erwin Busschaert,
Bibi Queen, Germain Deprez and Willy Bacquaert


Starring: Gunther Vanhuyse, Tish Leenknecht, Ignace Paepe,
Sue Ann Yeoh, Thierry Wybauw, Alicia Lo Voi, Rufus Six,
Dirk Mareel, Martin Van Maris and Cynthia Poortvliet