The Paraseekers: 37 Ghosts Episode 3 is Now Available on Tubi TV

SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that The Episode 3 of The Paraseekers “37 Ghosts” has just been Released and is Available on TUBI TV. With the recent success of Episodes 1 & 2 The Paraseekers: Corrado’s Farm and The Paraseekers: Charlies House on Amazon Prime, Tubi TV and The Killer Movie Channel comes the most Exciting Episode to date, we actually have proof of a dead child communicating with the team caught on video.

The Paraseekers Team consists of Serigo Duque (Lead Investigator), Carl Cifaldi (Investigator), Carl Cifaldi Jr. (Technical Investigator), Monica Hayes (Investigative Assistant), Theresa Baker Thielen (Researcher) and noted psychic medium Laura Cifadldi (New Jersey Psychic)


SYNOPSIS: The Paraseekers team are summoned by the owners of Phareloch Castle to investigate the legend of the 37 ghosts that are rumored to be there. Serge Duque with the help of NJ medium Laura Cifaldi, researcher Carl Cifaldi and Carl Cifaldi Jr. investigates the happenings at the Castle and come across a spirit of a child that was captured on video communicating with the team.

Now you can watch The Paraseekers: 37 Ghosts, The Paraseekers: Charlies House and The Paraseekers: Corrado’s Farm on TUBI TV / FOX / XFINITY

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Nazi Hellfire is Unleashed in Germany

We are pleased to announce that Reichsfuhrer SS aka Nazi Hellfire has been released in Germany as a special 3 piece DVD box set.

Watch this special edited segment of The Jeff Swan Show as we bring you a complete look inside the NAZI HELLFIRE 3 piece DVD box sets.

We would also like to thank Summer Hill Films for landing this huge deal. The DVD Box Sets are now Available In Stores and Online in Germany.

Executive Producers: John Martineau, David B. Stewart III, Associate Producers, Christian Jude Grillo, Kelly Weston, Chuck Maher.

Starring: David B. Stewart III, Angelina Leigh, Chuck Maher, Martin Slamon, John Martineau, Tina Krause, Tammy Jean, Joseph Barford, Anthony Cerrano, Kelly Weston, Joe Ronca, Carmela Hayslett.

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Blood Demon Rising is Now Available on Blu-ray and DVD

SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that they have just released the cult film Blood Demon Rising on Blu-ray and DVD.



SYNOPSIS: Two couples go to a Haunted House Amusement where the two girls are taken by a Demon that has been risen from hell and his henchman. The boys break in and try to rescue them but are caught in the attempt. A Jesuit Priest sent by the church to investigate finds himself in the middle and battles the Demon to the death, as Vampires and Zombie robed creatures wonder the Haunted Amusement all the while.

Written, Directed and Produced by Harry Tchinski and Starring Stephen Lestat, Logan Littlefield, Ronee Collins, Simone Leorin, Norman Newkirk, Jareth Hixon and Tiffany Black

The Blu-ray and DVD is Loaded with Extras including three Featurettes. The Making of Blood Demon Rising, How we did the Special Effects and the True Meaning of Blood Demon Rising and More!


The DVD is Available at Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, FYE, Family Video and More! and The Blu-ray is Available Worldwide via SGL Entertainment and Dark Star Records. For Purchase Options go to:


INTRUSION: DISCONNECTED Now Available as a Theater at Home Amazon Exclusive Release

Intrusion: Disconnected Starring Katie Stewart and Lee Haycraft is NOW AVAILABLE as a Theater at Home Amazon Exclusive Release! This is quite possibly the best Slasher, Stalker on the edge of your seat Thriller to come out this year!!!

BUY NOW Theater at Home Amazon Exclusive!

Written and Produced by Craig Everett Earl and Directed by Kyle Cates Intrusion: Disconnected stars Katie Stewart, Lee Haycraft, Scream queen Tiffany Shepis (Sharknado 2, The Violent Kind) and Sebrina Scott (Piranha Sharks).


INTRUSION: DISCONNECTED Nearly a year after the events of INTRUSION the mysterious death of the rose bud killer leaves questions unresolved. Now with the body count rising once again and Holly’s mental stability slipping, she claims the killer is still alive.


BUY NOW Theater at Home Amazon Exclusive!

Katie Stewart

Katie Stewart

Lee Haycraft

Lee Haycraft


Intusion Disconnected

Katie Stewart


BUY NOW Theater at Home Amazon Exclusive!

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Intrusion: Disconnected go to:

Metal Hall Of Fame Now Available On Amazon Prime

Featuring: Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Geoff Tate, Don Dokken, Chris Poland, Stephen Pearcy, Graham Bonnet, Metal Church, legendary music promoter Jack Orbin, Prong and More!




The Annual Metal Hall of Fame Gala, the most important night in metal is now available exclusively on Amazon Prime TV and can be streamed on Amazon Fire, ROKU, Apple TV and Comcast Xfinity cable TV via the Amazon Prime Video app by its 150 million subscribers.


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“CONQUEST” Courtesy of Dark Star Records

“The 2020 Awards Gala was a spectacular event, and the closing all-star jam was phenomenal,” says Pat Gesualdo, founder of the Metal Hall of Fame. “Now everyone can enjoy the 2020 Metal Hall of Fame Awards Gala at home on Amazon Prime.”

“The 2020 Metal Hall of Fame is wonderful,” says Graham Bonnet, who acknowledged Ritchie Blackmore for getting inducted into the Hall, as the vocalist of Rainbow.

The program hosted by Eddie Trunk and Jes Fama features an overview of the 2020 Metal Hall of Fame Gala including inductions, tributes and jams. Watch heavy metal legends Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Geoff Tate, Don Dokken, Chris Poland, Stephen Pearcy, Graham Bonnet, Metal Church, legendary music promoter Jack Orbin and Prong as they are inducted into the Hall plus amazing performances by Chris Poland, Riot Act, featuring members of Riot, and an epic jam featuring Steve Vai, Geoff Tate, Joe Satriani, Bjorn Englen, Chris Poland, and Pat Gesualdo. Modern Drummer magazine also joined forces with the Metal Hall of Fame to present the only official tribute to late Rush drummer Neil Peart.

About the Metal Hall of Fame:

The Metal Hall of Fame holds the Annual Metal Hall of Fame Charity Gala. It is dedicated to forever enshrining the iconic musicians and music industry executives responsible for making hard rock and heavy metal music what it is today. Their contribution to the genre is invaluable, and they continue to inspire fans throughout the world from generation to generation. It is part of the 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization D.A.D. (Drums and Disabilities), which provides free therapy services for disabled children and their families in hospitals and community centers throughout the United States.

To include your Metal Hall of Fame vote, or for more information, please visit

Deviant Behavior is Featured on the Killer Movies TV Network on ROKU

Now Streaming on The Killer Movies TV Network is the Horror Film DEVIANT BEHAVIOR Directed by Jacob Grim, Written by Sal Hernandez and Starring Ed Guinn, John Dugan, Bonnie Ann Coronado, Hendrik James, Hannah Keller, Eric Rodrigue, Buddy Smith and More!

Deviant Behavior is now the Featured Movie in the New Releases section of The Killer Movie Channel, Fear Flicks, The SGL Entertainment Channel, The Ultimate Movie Channel, The Dark Star Records Channel and The Ultimate Music Channel, all on ROKU

Click Here To Watch On ROKU

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SYNOPSIS: A slasher thriller centering around Charlie Reese, a sleazy private detective who discovers a world of murder, torture and depravity. The movie features Ed Guinn and John Dugan from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)


Deviant Behavior

Deviant Behavior

Deviant Behavior

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“The Paraseekers: Charlie’s House” is Now Available on Amazon Prime TV

SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that we have just released the Second Episode for the new paranormal TV Series The Paraseekers. Episode Two is called “The Paraseekers: Charlies House” and is now available Exclusively on Amazon Prime TV.

EPISODE TWO SYNOPSIS: The Paraseekers team continue their quest to piece together their findings to what lies on the other side. This time the team is called in to investigate the strange paranormal events that is plaguing a family in Northern NJ. Medium Laura Cifaldi warns the team of a dark presence that co inhabits the home, a warning that quickly turns into a reality which the team will never forget. Watch the Official Trailer for “The Paraseekers: Charlie’s House”




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Satan’s Triangle Now Available Worldwide on DVD

SGL Entertainment is Pleased to announce the worldwide release of Satan’s Triangle on DVD

Buy the DVD for Only $5.00

SYNOPSIS: The female survivor of a shipwreck and two Coast Guard helicopter pilots sent to rescue her find themselves trapped in a mysterious part of the ocean known as Satan’s Triangle.


A 1975 Made for TV Movie Starring Kim Novak and Doug McClure

A USCG pilot and his winchman Haig answer an SOS call at sea and arrive at a derelict schooner, the Requite. Haig lowers himself to the ship, where he finds three dead bodies along with one survivor, Eva cowering in the cabin.

As the pilot attempts to retrieve Haig and Eva with a rescue basket, the line breaks, plunging the two into the ocean. After they swim back to the boat, the pilot informs Haig that he must return to base because his fuel is borderline. Eva and Haig spend the night on the boat, during which time she recounts the story of the storm that killed everyone else aboard. She explains to him that the strange events began soon after they found a priest drifting in the ocean, apparently a survivor of a disaster. Then, she tells Haig of the violent storm that caused all of the freakish deaths on the boat. One man was hurled through a hatch, one is hanging from the ship’s mast, another vanished before her eyes; and a fourth man is in an aft compartment, floating in the air.

Eva attributes the deaths to supernatural causes, but Haig has a practical explanation for everything, including the man who appears to be floating in the air. Early the next morning, the pilot returns along with the Coast Guard cutter Venturous. Haig and Eva are transferred from the Requite to the deck of the Venturous, where they board the helicopter for the flight back to Miami. At the same time, Coast Guard personnel from the Venturous investigate the wrecked schooner.

The story takes a bizarre turn when the Venturous captain calls Haig to tell him that what they found on the ship was not what Haig reported. Right after Haig hears about the discovery, another nightmare begins.

Metal Hall of Fame 2020 Red Carpet Interviews

The Metal Hall of Fame for 2020 was a Huge Success and the Red Carpet was Filled with Metal Celebrities such as Geoff Tate, Carmine Appice, Don Dokken and More!


Look for the Metal Hall of Fame to be Released on Amazon Prime TV Later in 2020. Made Available by SGL Entertainment and Dark Star Records

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The Metal Hall of Fame to Premiere on Amazon Prime Movies

SGL Entertainment along with Dark Star Records SONY are pleased to announce that they will be Launching the World Premiere of the Metal Hall of Fame 2020 on AMAZON PRIME MOVIES.

The 2020 Metal Hall of Fame Gala will be hosted by iconic television / radio personality Eddie Trunk, and co-hosted by Whiskey A GOGO Ultimate Jam Night / Almost Fama Show Host Jes Fama. 2020 Inductees Include Steve Vai, Geoff Tate, Don Dokken, Joe Satriani, Stephen Pearcy, Graham Bonnet, Chris Poland, Prong, Stone City Attractions and Metal Church. The 2019 Hall of Heavy Metal History Gala featured Metallica Inducting Megaforce Records founders Jon and Marsha Zazula. In addition, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne joined with the Hall of Heavy Metal History Gala by providing former Ozzy drummer Lee Kerslake with his much awaited Platinum Record Awards for his participation on both “Blizzard of Oz“ and “Diary of A Madman” albums after 39 years. The 2019 Galaalso featured former Ozzy Bassist Bob Daisley being Inducted by JohnSykes (Whitesnake), and Ozzy producer Max Norman. Other Gala Inductees included Mike Portnoy, David Ellefson (Megadeth), Jeff Scott Soto, (Inducted by Rudy Sarzo) Lita Ford (Inducted by Doro Pesch), Saxon, Jeff Pilson, Testament, and the 50th Anniversary for Legendary Los Angeles radio station KLOS. In 2019, Uriah Heep and Anthrax were also inducted into the Metal Hall of Fame.

Lloyd Freeze VP of Dark Star Records, Drake Mefestta of DiAmorte along with Jeffrey A. Swanson President of Dark Star Records and SGL Entertainment are working with President/CEO Pat Gesualdo of the Metal Hall of Fame who quotes: “Having the World Premiere for the 2020 Metal Hall of Fame Gala on Amazon Prime is a great honor”

SGL Entertainment will be releasing the METAL HALL OF FAME 2020 on AMAZON PRIME MOVIES early next year reaching more than 100 million subscribers, followed up by a Blu-ray, DVD and VOD Release later in the fall.

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