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Our SGL Entertainment Classic Films are Now on Indieflix Icluding: Attack of the Giant Leeches, Teenage Zombies, The Killer Shrews, Night of the Living Dead, Driller Killer, The Day of the Dead, Bloody Pit of Horror, Mission: Killfast, Girl in Gold Boots, Hellweek, Satan’s School for Girls and More!!!

Night of the Living Dead

IndieFlix is now a part of the SGL Entertainment TV Network. IndieFlix is available as a subscription service and can be watched on your smart phone, tablet and TV via the Web, X-box and Roku.

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Ashley McEneny Film Acquisitions for IndieFlix was interested in SGL Entertainments Classic Horror Film Collection, and has been working with Jeffrey A. Swanson President of SGL Entertainment to set up their new channel. Some of the Films included in the deal are Attack of the Giant Leeches, Teenage Zombies, The Killer Shrews and George Romero’s Classic 1968 Zombie Film THE NIGHT of the LIVING DEAD in Full HD. Look for more classic horror and sci-fi movies to be coming soon to the new SGL Entertainment Channel at IndieFlix.

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