SGL Entertainment Launches Major Ad Campaign in Fangoria, Coffin Cuties and Scream Magazine

Coffin Cuties 8

SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that they have officially launched a Major Ad Campaign featuring Full Page ads in Fangoria and Scream Magazine as well as ads in Coffin Cuties Magazine.

SGL Entertainment

Look for our SGL Entertainment Full Page Ad in
Fangoria Magazine Issue Number 348

Fangoria 348

Look for our SGL Entertainment Full Page Ad in
Scream Magazine Issue Number 39

Scream Magazine 39

John Carpenter seen here with Scream Magazine Issue Number 39
Featuring a Full Page Ad from SGL Entertainment

John Carpenter

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Grigori 3 Makes The Cover Of Hollywood Music Magazine

Grigori 3 are a band that launch all the hooks, thumps, and melodies right at your brain and suprisigly will have you returning for many more spins on their tunes. Sort of goth, sort of metal and industrial with an impressive lead female vocalist who escalates the game, Grigori 3 is a band you will definitely remember. They have a brand new album produced by Matt Mercado entitled On Your 6 coming out that is sure to be a game changer for the band. They are also featured musically and visually in the movie and cable series Jezebeth. Here is vocalist Gwen Bartolini on the new album On Your 6 and what 2012 holds for Grigori 3.

Click Here to Read the Exclusive Interview at Hollywood Music Magazine

Click Here to Buy an Autographed Copy of “On Your 6” Exclusivly From Dark Star Records