SGL Entertainment Acquires the New Horror Film DOLL MURDER SPREE

SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that they have just acquired DOLL MURDER SPREE, a campy fun grindhouse style horror film that features a killer cast.

Written and Directed by Reyna Young and Starring Connie Jo Sechrist, Moses J. Moseley, Reyna Young, Alex Bretow, Marv Blauvelt, John Crosthwaite and Annalisa Bastiani


SYNOPSIS: A group of college students join their teacher for a weekend of filming for extra credit. Documenting the local Hell House that’s haunted by the family who were murdered there. Little do they know they would be trying to survive the night.

Look for DOLL MURDER SPREE to be released early next year in the USA and Canada on Blu-ray, DVD and the Top VOD Platforms like Amazon Prime, Google Play, iTunes Movies and More via SGL Entertainment and our partners MVD visual and Indie Rights Movies.


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SGL Entertainment Releases HELLWEEK the GRINDHOUSE EDITION with New Trailer and Poster Art

Hellweek Grindhouse Edition

SGL Entertainment have just released the Grindhouse version of the Cult Classic Horror film “Hellweek”. This faster paced all new version, edited by Bobby Jones, includes some cool never before seen footage. Eddie Lengyel’s Hellweek is the tale of “Hazing Gone Bad”. Rush week turns unexpectedly hellish when a band of sadistic, masked, homicidal maniacs holed up in an abandoned warehouse wreak havoc on a bunch of not-so-innocent college kids. Wanting to ensure the new pledges prove they’re worthy, fraternity president J.J. sends them to a deserted warehouse rumored to be inhabited by demonic squatters. But the hazing takes on a sadistic tone when the tales turn out to be true. Now the pledges find themselves in a fight for their lives. Written, Directed and Produced by Eddie Lengyel. The movie stars Robyn Griggs, Brenna Lee Roth, Karen Fox, Rob Jaeger and Michael Reddy. SGL Entertainment partners Damien Dante and Jeffrey A. Swanson are excited to see this film reaching a whole new audience with this terrifying new version of HELLWEEK!!! The movie is available at Amazon Instant Videos, Vimeo On Demand, IndieReign, VHX and More!!! New Poster Art Created by Jeffrey A. Swanson of SGL Entertainment.


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