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SGL Entertainment Signs Deal with adRise and Tubi TV

SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that they have signed a deal with media giants adRise and Tubi TV. We are the next generation TV company, quotes adrise. Think free Netflix. We’re the leading connected TV monetization and content distribution force in this rapidly growing Connected TV market.

adRise is responsible for creating and maintaining many of the most popular channels on Roku, X-Box and Amazon Fire including: PopFlix Classic TV, Oh The Horror, Vanguard Cinema, Premiere, Midnight Pulp, Tubi TV and Many More!

SGL Entertainment will be distributing our classic movies as well as our new releases to multiple channels that adRise works with. This will be a great new source of revenue for SGL Entertainment and our Filmmakers, quotes Jeffrey A. Swanson President of SGL Entertainment. And I believe this is the Future of TV…


“Jezebeth” The New Novel by SE Campbell Lands a Publishing Deal with Keith Publications

Mary Keith
We are pleased to announce that best selling author SE Campbell has landed a huge publishing deal for her newly completed Novel “Jezebeth” which is based on the cult classic vampire horror film. Stephanie Elisabeth Campbell was offered the deal from none other than Mary Keith Owner/Publisher of Keith Publications LLC. This is huge deal, as Keith Publications have released a slew of very successful books over the years and is very well respected in the business. Stephanie Elisabeth Campbell will also write novels based on Jezebeth 2 Hour of the Gun, and Jezebeth 3 El Diablo, plus any and all Jezebeth films to come. Stephanie is a published best selling novelist from North Ogden, Utah. Her interests include history, traveling, classic movies and biographies. Her first novel was published at age 17. She is the author of many novels including: Visible Scars, Specimen X, Poachers, Dragon Night, Tasting Silver, Keeping Freedom, Late but not Never, Cased Closed, Icy Tales of Draga, E is for Eternity and P.S. I Killed My Mother, all of which are being published or have been published by traditional houses. The Jezebeth film franchise is owned by Partners Damien Dante and Jeffrey A. Swanson. Their original cult classic vampire horror film Jezebeth was Written, Directed and Produced by Damien Dante and Co Produced by Jeffrey A. Swanson and is now available worldwide on Blu-Ray, as well as iTunes Movies, Amazon Prime, Big Star TV and other media via SGL Entertainment and R-Squared Films. Look for Jezebeth the Novel to be Available Everywhere as a Print Novel and E-Book in August/ September 2013.

Teaser from the Jezebeth Novel:

SE Campbell
“No.” Mary grabbed her arm and pulled her back. “Do not as much as look at that Jonah Whitewood. He is a bad man. “Though the last thing Annabelle wanted to do was to tear her eyes away from Jonah, she was forced to back away. The last she saw of him before she turned around was the fact that he smirked at her. Mary clutched her fingers tighter, then she began to drag her down the hill toward the outskirts of the village. Mary was leading her toward their cabin.”You and the way you look at that awful, awful man,” Mary muttered as she walked. “How can you smile at him in such a way?” “You have your Thomas.” Heat filled Annabelle’s cheeks. Had she truly been looking at Jonah so intensely? “Why can’t I have someone I am fond of?” “You can be fond of someone, but not him.” Mary drew closer to the darkest part of the wood. “He is attractive, but I know of what he has done to women. I have heard that he beds them before marriage.” Annabelle hopped over a great log covered in moss. Her dress caught, and she was forced to tug at it to free herself. After she had freed herself, she straightened and continued on her way. “When have you been so focused on virtue, Sister?” Annabelle felt put off by Mary’s sudden speech. “You are the one who has always enjoyed playing with your partners.”Suddenly, Mary stopped before a great, towering tree with many leaves. Her expression was sober and her cheeks were as pink as a tulip’s petals. Her blue eyes were downcast and as dark as a vast lake with a churning current. “There is a great difference between igniting a man’s flame and letting him cook you with it.” Mary grabbed Annabelle’s shoulders and shook her. “I would not let a man take my virtue away from me. Giving a man a reason to be passionate will get you married. Allowing him to have his way will leave you alone and with the Devil’s child.”

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SGL Entertainment Secures DVD, Cable TV Deal For “THE HOSTILE TAKEOVER”

SGL Entertainment has partnered up with R-Squared Films and have signed a deal to release what could be one of the funniest, over the top independent films of the decade “The Hostile Takeover”. The Film was Written and produced by J Davis and directed by Johnny Coughlin and was filmed in the Chicagoland area. The movie will be released later this year on Comcast Cable plus other Television Networks, and will also be available in the US and Canada on DVD via R-Squared Films. The Hostile Takeover is a tale of how an average pizza delivery guy named Jay gets caught in the middle of the largest territorial war in the city of Chicago’s history. As Jay avoids being killed by both sides in this brutal war, he must also prove his innocence to a trigger happy detective who believes he is the catalyst to it all. This hysterical urban comedy was inspired by the J Davis web series called “The MisAdventures of J Davis” which is available to watch on YouTube.

The Hostile Takeover Stars: Jay Davis, Black Jack Johnson, Giovanni Pauletti, Billy Ivy, Latony Vonzaa Gray, Melissa Marie Watson, Roy Metcalf, Natasha Pearl Hansen, Ali Chapman, Regina Calvin, David McNulty, Bill Merker, David Perry, Ray Berryhill and Calvin Harvey. “The Hostile Takeover” will soon be available worldwide through SGL Entertainment.

Official Movie Trailer for The Hostile Takeover:

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