SGL Entertainment and Insane Filmz Sign Multi Picture Movie Deal

SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that they have just signed a Multi Picture Movie Deal with Insane Filmz. “We are very excited to be working with Dustin Lebleu” Quotes Jeffrey A. Swanson President of SGL Entertainment. “Dustin has a great vision for horror films and is bringing us some great new films Including DEVIL MAY I

Devil May I

Also, coming soon from SGL Entertainment, Dark Mountain Pictures and Insane Filmz comes a new movie form veteran horror director Massimiliano Cerchi and Executive Producer Dustin Lebleu INSANE

Insane What you dont see should scare you; what you cant control should scare you even more. Darkness does not hesistate, darkness takes no sides, but what it does take is your soul. Based on a terrifying series of events, INSANE is the story that you dont want to hear at night. A manifestation of evil that consumes all that unleashes it begins to engulf the life of a young couple who just moved into a mansion. Unable to deny the demonic presence any longer, things begin to change and not for the better. Fear becomes an obsession which transcends into a deeper darkness. Do you believe beyond what your eyes can see? You should.

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