Johnny Daggers Inks a Major Distribution Deal with SGL Entertainment For His New Documentary “Blood on the Reel”

Blood on the Reel

Johnny DaggersSGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that they have inked a deal with filmmaker Johnny Daggers for his upcoming documentary “Blood on the Reel” a documentary which focuses on Indie Horror Filmmakers from around the world and the perils their put through to bring you their films. “I loved the notion of sharing what I had been through to bring the fans my films.” Quotes Johnny Daggers… I then started thinking about some of the other filmmaker friends of mine who had encountered similar problems with their films. It then dawned on me that no one has ever made a documentary premised on what indie filmmakers go through to get their art shown. At times many of us have put our lives and livelihood on the line, not to mention our freedom so that we can bring to you our vision, our heart and soul. I decided that this is a documentary that I need to make. That I was perhaps put here to create. And even if I never make another film again, this documentary would be something that I can always be proud of. With that said, what started out to be an extra DVD feature for the anniversary edition of “Samhain: Night Feast” soon took on a life of its own. The life that you now know is “Blood on the Reel: The Guts Behind Indie Filmmaking”.

Blood on the Reel

Some of the films included in the documentary are: Wound, Tonight You Die, House of Good & Evil, Drive-In Horror Show, A Dark Place and Also Massimiliano Cerchi’s “The House of Evil” which will be available in 2015 via SGL Entertainment. Jeffrey A. Swanson and Damien Dante who head up SGL Entertainment are especially excited about this release as they too are both horror filmmakers, and can relate personally to this documentary. Damien and Jeffrey are the creators of the successful Jezebeth Film Franchise. Johnny Daggers “Blood on the Reel” will be available on DVD, Cable TV and Video On Demand in early 2015 via SGL Entertainment and their distribution partners Indie Rights Movies and MVD Visual.

Johnny Daggers

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